Being Awesome

by - August 11, 2011

Some weeks I feel worlds more awkward than awesome. But THIS week, well THIS week is not one of those weeks.

1-Finally feeling more balanced in my life... pretty sure it is a direct link to reading my scriptures more
2-Surprising my in-laws with ME! (and the toddler) Two weeks ahead of schedule.
3-Getting out of the heat of Houston. My mantra for the past 3 months has been "please bless that rain my fall on these here dry plains". Hasn't happened but I am enjoying the summer in Utah
4-Toddler decided to tell me when she needs to use the toilet again. Potty training back in track!
5-Getting to hang out with Robbie. My oh so cool little brother
6- Seven days of birthdays started yesterday. I love this week
7-Getting to be part of a very Magical Harry Potter Party
8- Cut through A LOT of red tape this week. Tentative move in date: Next week
9- Decided on a new personal slogan for the next little bit: It is what it is. Inspired by the Hubbs
10- Got BEAUTIFUL bracelets from the Farleys via Matt's trip to the Philippines and The Janitor Book from the cool little bro. Sweet.... made it to 10 without even breaking a sweat

1-Running to catch my plane. Second to last person on
2-Not having ice cream at all this week... pretty sure that alone will make me way more awkward if it continues
3-Going to the water park w/o another adult. Not really awkward but just hard especially when said toddler wants to go on the big water slides by herself. Two adults VS one toddler is SO MUCH EASIER than one on one.

and for your viewing pleasure... Harry Potter in Houston! (I should not have published these w/o some sort of edit so forgive the raw power :)

sorting hat

a little house elf

 our dragon
 quidditch picth

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