Mostly awkward

by - August 25, 2011

Hiya. Here I am after over a week. I see you have been enjoying my little give well you should be! I am trapping this little post of mine out on my trusty G2 this mourning.
In park city,Ut
In a cabin
Under the covers
So don't wake up the toddler or hubbs.
But my arms hurt a lot right now
So you are not gonna get much from me.

Sawkwatd. (That spells awkward in case you can't read cell phone swype)
-my daughter had been eating grass, sand, and drinking from the pond against my pleading and multiple time outs.
-changing 2 huge diarrhea blow outs in the parking lot of the title company WHILE everyone is showing up for work. Thank you for the kind smiles and laughs. No thank you to the dirty looks.
-planning on breakfast at our fav little spot in Ogden, Jerimiahs, only to realize we are too late for the amazing buffet.
-deciding to make up for it w carls jr instead. And the couple making out on the patio

-bought a house. Moving on Sept. 1.
-Olympic park, Park city
-daily goal today: have a slurpee

Question for you:
where us the most awkward place you had to change a sticky

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