Boating and wakesurfing

by - September 07, 2011

I promise. We ALL had a great time boating and spending a week in Park City with the Hansen's. 
Don't let this picture fool you. 
ps- someone told me that what they are like when they are THREE is what they will be like when they are THIRTEEN. I'm not sure how I feel about that....
 nice legs! I know you all wanted to see them.
 The hubbs got it down on the first try. Figures. He gets everything right on the first try.... 
 And she is up folks! 
I really really really loved this. I couldn't quite keep it going without the rope but I only tried a few times. I generally don;t like boating because when I try to wakeboard I usually fall and it hurts. Bad. THIS on the other hand, sheesh! When you fall it is like you are sinking into a big wet ... uhm, water.

what is your favorite watersport?!

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