29 and lookin' fine

by - October 20, 2011

Oh come now, we all know that feeling :)

Today my tall, tan-able, lover turns 29. 
Now we are the same age. Again. 
Now don't worry, I am not going to get sappy. or weepy. or emotional on ya. 
I just am really happy. 
Happy to be married to a guy who takes such good care of me. 
and puts up with the more emotional times. 
and cleans up the kitchen for me
and does the dishes
and does the bedtime routine with the toddler. 

I am happy we can fix cars together
and travel all around the place
and watch the Office
and go on lunch dates
and try each day to make each other happy and comfortable. 
(i know it is blurry but it is one of my very most favorite pictures ever)
He's the best. 
and we got big plans for the big THIRTY next year! 

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