Awkward Thursday

by - October 06, 2011

Nope. I am not awkward. I am mostly utterly exhausted. Mentally and physically. Hello Zombie land, thank you for letting me in. I think I am going to stay awhile! (that was meant ti be witty but the way my witty-ness has been all week, it probably wasn't) But here is a picture of me and my dear, sweet, inspiring friend Jeppson. (and darling little boy)Well, her name is Stephanie but we go back to mission times so Jeppson it is. I have always admired her compassion and beauty and insight.

1. Thinking today is Wednesday. All day long. Even after I was told it was Thursday, I didn't believe it.
2. Public Speaking. Had to Emcee a RS activity on Tuesday. I think we can safely say that me up there talking was awkward for everyone
3. Yeup, I have a whole in my pants I am wearing today. Just noticed.
4. Returning items at a store only to be talked to in spanish. I think after 3 minutes the blank (and slightly annoyed) look on face finally dawned on the sales clerk. (yesum, I did get an D in Freshman Spanish)
Her: "No espanol"
Me: "nope".
And then the store wouldn't take back an item! For reals yo?! GRRRR!!! It just added to the fact that I am ALWAYS spoken to in spanish. I am HAWAIIAN!!!! Yes, I am brown, I am fully aware of that. But seriously! If it is not on the Taco Bell menu, I can't say it. Can you just please talk in English to me  ESPECIALLY if you work in a public place!
5. Venting about #4 and hoping no one is offended.

1. One more class to go!
2. Painting my wall in my dining room
3. Garage sell on Saturday!
4. Photographing one of the CUTEST families today.
5. The remarkable change in my hubby. I was happy before but seriously, something happened over conference weekend and the man I call my husband is like 100 times more awesome than before.

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