11/11/11 at 11:11:11

by - November 11, 2011

Now that there is my momma and papa. 
Or as the toddler would say: granma tutu and popeye. 
Today is their Anniversary. 
My momma is a farm girl from Sacramento, CA and my Dad there is a beach boy from Hawaii.  

After 10 kids, 5 grandkids (soon to be 8), and many many years, they are still happily married.
This was one of their engagement photos. 

I just wanted to take a moment and say good job. 
Good job teaching us all about hard work, love, Christ, repentance, and friendship. 
When the clock turned 11:11 am today I thought I would make it special. 
I know, it is kinda silly. But it wont happen again. EVER. 
So I promised myself to be more like Christ, more charitable and forgiving. 
To keep things in perspective and to be a better friend. 
To my own sweet husband. 
And Daughter
And son. 
and me. 

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