Awesome and awkward

by - November 30, 2011

You decide: Awesome or Awkward

1. Surprising the Hubbs with a thanksgiving visit from his sister and family
2. Having more family come in  for the Holiday
3. Going to one of my favorite places with my SIL
4. Playing our annual Kinect Tournament. The hubbs totally beat me. I blame it on the bun in the oven
5. Fall weather finally came to Houston!! And it is almost December
6. The YMCA. We signed up and we love it
7. Thanksgiving. YUMMMMM......
8. The Aloha 9 Video. Black and Yellow... black and yellow...
9. Buying groceries and saving 57% !!! Oh yeah! And yes, I did get all my guacamole for free
10. The speakers in Church on Sunday. And the Sunday School and RS Lessons. Just Amazing.

1. Getting everyone to go swimming at the Y only to realize I don't have a swim suit that fits. Enjoy the cold water!!!
2. Working out only to realize that truly I should break down and buy some maternity workout clothes. Pretty sure the children and men don't enjoy seeing my tummy hang out
3. Bringing queso to a family dinner only to realize it tastes,.... funny. That's the last time I use off-brand products for queso. Good thing I also brought hummus and pita chips
4. Realizing AFTER the guests all leave that my house wasn't really clean the whole time. Talk about super embarrassing!
5. Toddler saying "Good Job Mommy! You did it! You went Poo-poo!" in the public bathrooms
6. And speaking of poo's, apparently she has somehow caught on to poo-poo jokes. Ex: I want a POO POO drink! or "You are Mamma-POO POO!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriously?! When did that happen!!!
7.  Taking my first spin class. (thank you Chris!) That was awesome. However, the way my bum feels is NOT awesome! I never want to sit down again
8. Spending 4 hours waiting for the Geek Squad to come install a TV. I had to wait in my car
9. Not awkward, but I swear I swear I spend at least 2 hours a day cleaning my little house. EVERY DAY!
10. Trying to re-connect with old friends. Pretty sure they must think I was a wierdo before and not much had changed since. " I PROMISE I AM COOL NOW!"  :)

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