Awkward Thursday

by - January 26, 2012

1. Hot flashes. For real?!
2. Calling a place a business about fishing:
Me: Hello?
Man: "How you doing?" (In a very Joey from Freinds voice)
Me: Thinking...surely I didn't dial a naughty number! "Uhm... I'd like to make a fishing appt please?"
Man: OH! I'm sorry, thought you were my wife.....
....insert awkward silence.....
3. Having to pull out every single item at Target and explain to the teller that yes, what is in my hand is the same thing in the coupon. Yes, I know the picture is different but can you please READ the description.
4. Lasy at Party City telling me that my baby is coming in a week, not in 7 weeks, Because she "just knows these kinds of things..." Hmmm... right.....

1. All the rain we got recently. Minus the flash floods and tornado warnings.
2. Getting a text at 1:45am "Just so you know, he kissed me!" And yes, I did appreciate that. It made me smile all day.
3. Seeing these little guys in pictures. They live in Hawaii so I probably won't see them in person for a while
4. The Chiropractor. My OB/GYN recommended me going. Apparently it was a shock to the D.C that she did. Guess it's not too common. But I've spent this whole week pain-free! Oh miracles of miracles!

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