Friday the 13th oh my

by - January 13, 2012

Today is my Grandpa's funeral. We were sad not to be in CA with everyone else but little sister got engaged on Christmas day so it was either the wedding in June or the funeral. Too bad we are not millionaires but it has been an interesting week nonetheless. And when I realized the funeral was going to be on Friday the 13th, I just laughed because I know that my Papa would have some quick-witted remark to that. Above all, I am thankful for the Gospel plan. I did hear this song: The Robe by Mercy River today on Pandora. My heart felt like it soared right our of chest and into the heavens. When it is my time to go, I want it played at my funeral. And, no, I am not thinking I am going to die anytime in the 100 years. Its just an incredibly beautiful song.

Hubbs is so diligent about this. Every. Day. 30 minutes. Rockstar. 
Why yes, those are $1 tree thumbtacks. The gold and gaudy kind. 
Measuring in at 30 weeks. Weight gain 34lbs which the nurse was really happy about. 
...and got a referral for that crazy back mystery to get checked out. 
I do have to mention, I took this w 1) no flash 2) using my remote 3)as part of my 365 days project
and as part of that project, I am getting to play around more on PSE. 
meet my daughter: AKA: Captain Hook
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE HOUSTON WINTERS?

well, we got Jimmer in town tonight and a baby shower in the am. 

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