So many emotions this week

by - January 08, 2012

“Our most important and powerful assignments are in the family. They are important because the family has the opportunity at the start of a child’s life to put feet firmly on the path home. Parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles are made more powerful guides and rescuers by the bonds of love that are the very nature of a family.”

My Grandpa passed away yesterday. Peacefully. I was told even with a smile on his face. Here he is a few years ago with my little sister. The one expecting twins in a week. I thought of how her baby boys and our little boy are getting a chance to talk with Grandpa or "PAPA" as he is known. 
One of my most favorite memories is of him getting me down from a very high place in the barn that I was stuck in. I also was not supposed to be even being the barn but if you know me or my siblings growing up, (or now) we don't listen so good. Well, at least I don't. 

My heart is very full. And sad. Like I said, lots of emotions. I am thankful for his service in the War, for his always fulfilling his duty as a father, and grandfather and follower of Christ.  And because of that, my parents raised me as a follower of Christ. And that can never be repaid. 

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