Awesome and awkward

by - February 16, 2012

creme burlee crepe from CoCo Crepe
1. That picture. Yep, ate EVERY. LAST. BITE
2. Cheesecake factory. The meal was ok. It was the bread and the cheesecake we were there for! {C'mon, I KNOW I am not the only one that goes to [places just for the before and after meal delights}
3. Booking up most of April and May with clients. Just nice to know people like me
4. Valentines. LOVE the day of love. 
5. Been dilating down pretty good lately. What is YOUR BEST GUESS as to when the little guy will be here huh? Hoping for March 6 then his birthday will be 3/6/12. 
6. Both my baby showers. I am very blessed. You can see pictures here of one of them

1. While at the cheesecake factory, I must have been invisible save for my belly. Because that is the only thing people were looking at.  
2. Toddler rubbing my tummy in church. Then proceeding to strike my Ta'Ta's. Then whispering "We don't touch mommy's breasts". hmm... wonder if anyone heard
3. Laughing so hard at a Love Party that I actually peed my pants. It was just a little bit but thank goodness for panty liners. Next time I think I will be wearing depends
4. Having a dance off at said Love Party. There was all sorts of awkwardness happening with this no-rythym-momma. Although the hubbs did a masterful job.
5. Realizing after swimming that I forgot clothes to change back into. Yep, that statement means I drove home commando-style. ... and I sorta really liked it. 

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