Feb 2012 Photo-a-day Challenge

by - February 01, 2012

And there is it folks. 
The 365 day photo challenge for Feb 2012 via Fat Mum Slim
It is one of my goals this year to take a picture a day. 
I skipped the link up/list in Jan but after trying to take interesting pictures for 31 days, I have come to see the light.  It is MUCH EASIER to let someone else make up a list and then follow the list. 
So here is to 2/2012. I figure you can join it as well. Even if you do it just for one month. 
Besides, Feb is the shortest moth in the year. So less commitment. Generally always a good thing :)
1. Cookies+ice cream. I am so stinking smart! Check out the explanation here
2. I may or may not have eaten a whole bag of kit kats in 5 days. 
3. Hubby: Can you pick me up some books from the library? Some=14
4. Pedicures... {sigh}
5. Chinese New Year Strawberry Shortcake Dragon. It looks nice and tastes gross. 
6. Seriously. What is better than ice cream for an FHE treat?
7. Turtle Cake. For Tia's birthday. It was sorta incredible. 
8. Family History Date. And our Family tree book we made. ...awe.....

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