Baby boy {part duex}

by - March 20, 2012

Keo Kupono is my name
eating, sleeping and pooping is my game
my momma is so sweet
my daddy is so cool
big sister J was one I was excited to meet

photos by Jacklyn Carter

A little about the birth story:
The previous week was spent getting ready: Cleaning, making freezer meals, grocery shopping, laundry... you get the idea. I was HUGE. I felt HUGE. As big as a house. I kept having contractions and my tummy felt SO HEAVY! (no wonder, 8lb 10oz baby on board). At my Dr. appt I asked if she would strip my membrane. Nope. No go. I was not quite 39 weeks. And I just about cried. I asked if I could be induced fully expecting another nope. To my uttermost joy, she said YES! I was already dilated to a 5. After making the appt (which was for a week later) I was ready to go. One more week. 
EEEKK! One more week!!! 
And then I would have two,2, two kids. 
Okay, I told myself. I can do this. People do it all the time. It really is no big deal. 
Except I coulnd't remember how to do anything at all. 
What's diaper? Nursing what? Oh dear... 
5am came around on the appointed day and we loaded up and headed to the hospital. 
Thankfully my brother stayed the night to get TT ready for school. 
Driving to the hospital I was so just so nervous. i was a bit scared. And I felt totally not ready
In no time at all i was hooked up to the pitocin and after a few hours the really hard contrations came. 
Then the epidural came
and then came some more contractions
and me crying
and my screaming
 and lots of nurses  
and then my wonderful Dr. 
and then the darling baby boy. 
followed by more crying and pictures and congrats and "THAT'S A BIG BABY!"  

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