Hello World! {part 1}

by - March 10, 2012

Hello there world
told ya I have a lot to say! 
It's me, LG (little guy) Newly born and happy to be reporting to you today. Mom is a bit tired so I thought I would sneak on this computer thing and say a few things. I do have a whole lot to say.
there I am! A few hours old and cute as anything
First: My mom rocks! And my dad. And my big sister; TT {The Toddler}. But mostly my mom. Even if she did cry a lot when before, during and after I was born.
I told you she cries a lot. Partly out of the epidural wearing off during the last part of labor  but mostly
the spiritual experience that birthing is
the love is obvious. I really am a blessed little boy
Second: Thank you to all the help from family and friends we have been given these past few days. The love, calls, texts, emails... not to mention the DQ blizzards, balloons, cupcakes, flowers, gifts and dinners.
Treats! Cupcakes delivered to the hospital
Third (and final for now): I just wanted to point out that I am pretty cute kid. I am trying awfully hard to sleep most of the time and eat really good and make all the ladies fall in love with me. Starting with this lovely baby Holly.
mom's friends baby girl born the same day, just a few rooms away

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