I have no good title for this post

by - March 04, 2012

I sit here contracting. Hubby is playing the piano and the toddler is singing Cinderella songs in the tub.
It has (meaning my body) been doing this for a while now... like a few days. Tricking me, getting my hopes up etc... So I am past wishful thinking and just planning on my water breaking like last time.

Our batgirl-fairy-princess. She was SUPPOSED to be sleeping. Instead she was playing dress up
 The bags area all packed, 
babysitter is arranged, 
cars are full of gas, 
and made some freezer meals with Mary Ann for when the little guy arrives. 
Finished off some hair bows with a  few girlfriends
Made some diaper wipes cases that DID NOT turn out
Watched puss in boots 4 times in 2 days
read 3 books (none of which are written to make me smarter)
This is seriously the best and easiest recipe ever. Thank you Jell-O
I made it twice in a week actually.
And then I saw this one on Pintrest and can't wait to make it. 
... I don't always like chocolate.  
Oh, and did I mention I got my hair done? 
I know, I look JUST LIKE HER! :)
I do like the bronde look though. Sorta like a lot
And I do have to say I look pretty good for 39 weeks preggers and 55= lbs weight gain. 

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