Hello there. My name is Awesome

by - April 20, 2012

Thursday marked 6 weeks since giving birth to this little guy. It also marked they day I was awesome.  I got all showered, put on make-up (gasp!) and felt like a girlfriend rather than a zombie. I felt awesome. I cleaned. laundered, emailed, paid bills etc.... And with an hour to spare before said dinner, I went on Pintrest and didn't even feel guilty about it. I found some good things too. But not as good as this little man and his gummy grin!
And here are the long awaited Easter pictures. Don't be to harsh... just keepin' it real 'round here
Yes, I was the only mom that I know of that did not do Easter baskets or anything this year. 
Whatev. I made it to church.  That's pretty big in my book
she INSISTED Belle had to have picture taken

the handsome boys... don't mind that spit-up there

almost got it... 

the momma and the little guy... and my remote trigger

this would be my "time to give up or go crazy" face.
Also known as my "behave or else!" face
also known as my imitation of a blowfish 

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