I can't say what I really want to say

by - April 05, 2012

I had a post up and ready to go today.
                It was mostly a negative one.
                         I guess you could call it venting.


Which really means I need a justification to complain. 

I once heard a favorite speaker say DON"T DO IT! DO NOT VENT! IT ACCOMPLISHES NOTHING.
(while it is in caps, rest assured she was not yelling)
I have always tried to follow that advice. So imagine how happy I was when President Uchtdorf said this:
I know. A LOT of people really loved this talk. I know I did. Along with Elder Hollands and Sister Esplin. I just have felt this week like screaming. Well, just Wednesday really. Boy Am I glad that day is over. I love being able to stay at home and be a mommy to these two darlings. But being a SAHM is WAY HARDER than working. At least it is for me. I know everyone is different.  I heard at the hair place a few weeks ago a gal lament "Oh, well, I don't have that luxury of being able to stay at home all day."
      I just smiled.
 Because as a SAHM, it is hard. Really hard. Not to downplay working. I was both working and playing mommy for the past two years. It is really hard to balance everything. But my job now is not easy. And I am happy I get to do it. So I take the advice mentioned above and try to focus on forgiving and love and mercy. Because more than anything. Lord knows I need it all.

I saw this on Pintrest and it made me smile

7 more days to go until I can start back. 

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