Missin' my sister

by - June 02, 2012

yep, me and my sis
...and again 28 years later
She is in the Phillipines.. for THREE WEEKS! 
I was talking to her before her well earned departure and she was showing me everything that they have planned to do. It was amazing really. And usually I would be jealous. Because I am apparently that shallow. But I wasn't Not One. Bit. 

And then it dawned on me. 

I love her. 
But its the kind of love that is Charity. 
It is from giving service and investing time into the relationship. 
it is gained by forgiveness and kindness and laughter
There is never any animosity or frustration or hurt or offenses

That must be how Christ loves me, enough to haven given His perfect life

I stumbled across across this darling blog (found it while looking for a how to on a headwrap) which led me to this other blog called the Redheadheadhostess and her insights to Pride VS Charity. 

I have been trying all month long to cultivate this total love which I feel for very select few, to be more all-inclusive. Lemme tell ya, it is much harder than it looks. 

and speaking of sisters, the littlest one is getting married in less than 3 weeks. So off to CA we go! Here is hoping that I can fit into my dress for it.

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