Music is good for the soul. So is Instagram

by - June 29, 2012

The thing with music is that it conjures up images/feelings/memories. For instance, when I hear Party in the USA i think of how Matt made that his ringtone for me. When I hear Brown Eyed Girl I think of how McKay requested it play for us at concert. When I hear Sometimes He Lets It Rain I think of my first real boyfriend and when he broke up with me after being sure I was going to marry to him. I danced with my Dad at my wedding to I loved her First and McKay would play Luckiest to me on the piano while were falling in love.

I think we all have certain songs that just transports us to a whole different place and time. Any Kenny Chesney song will put be squarely in the Amphitheater in Sacramento at my very first concert. I was in college then. I know, I got on the concert wagon late in life

I gathered a list of favorite workout music from some people in my life. Here are a few. Go ahead and add yours and try some new ones out too. Happy Friday!

And the list:
Paramore: Brick by Boring Brick
Dreamlover (my personal fav)
Africa by Shakira
What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
Good Life by One Republic
Im a Fighter by Christina
Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae
Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO
Drive By  by Train
Music by Madonna
I got a Feeling by Black Eye Peas
Its All For You by Janet Jackson
Call me Maybe by CarlyRae Jepson
I like to move it move it 
Jump feat Nelly Furtado (start at 30sec)
Krazy by Pitbull (this is actually on the RIPPED soundtrack I work out to at the YMCA)

**disclosure: i don't watch the music videos. I apologize if you did.

and now for my week...instagrammed

been loving this salad every day
Playing at the Larsens

love Yoga ball at the YMCA. Love the YMCA

Love this guy too. A whole lot

** this post brought to you by Instagram. Get it. use it. love it

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