Its been raining so I have been surfing... surfing Pinterest that is

by - July 12, 2012

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Yep. Rain. Rain and more rain.
I am not complaining. Last year with the over 100* temps and NO RAIN and drought and fires everywhere--- well, I'll take the rain thank you. 
So I have been enjoying the library and teaching the toddler about Africa, China and the giraffes and giant pandas that call it home. Our conversations go something like this:
J: "Daddy!"
M: "Yes"
J: "Tomorrow my mommy is going to take me Africa!!!"
M: (giving me the most confused look)
J: "And then we are going to see giraffes and go to China to see the Pandas! Pandas like to eat bamboo"
M: "Africa huh?"
J: "Then we are going to see Dolphins at the OCEAAAAN!!!"

I think I better be getting a job at the airlines real soon.... 

While the kids are being entertained by the Television entertained by Mozart music and interactive play, I have been able to sneak away for a few minutes this week to find some things to put on my "If I have an extra hour in my day and an extra $500 a day" list
top L to R
Taking Notes dress (anything actually for me and my toddler would be dreamy from here)
Giraffe sandwich. (remember the conversation)
Flower pot crayon art ( Emilee Adams?)
Crayon art Emilee Adams again?
Mr. & mrs. Potato Head felt

and I saw this too. 
her site is just amazing. 
Lots of Vegan options too

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