Its a sad day... boo hoo

by - July 01, 2012

You have exceeded your total photo upload quota 
So... what to do now. I have gotten this notice a few times so I am thinking it is a warning or a glitch. But I haven't been able to fix my gmail profile picture for the same reason so I am guessin it is quite real (note: I have done some research on this to see what my options are)

Option 1: pay for more storage for pictures etc
Option 2: Blog w/o pictures. (possible since i use instagram but defeats my purpose of journaling w pictures and printing the blog at the end of each year)
Option 3: Any suggestions?
Option 4: Transfer over to Wordpress

 The thing is, I have this family blog plus my personal journal plus a blog/journal for each one of my kids.

This is so frustrating. Since blogger is linked to Pretty sure I will have to bite the bullet and pay for more storage.


In other news...
This time five years ago I was having myself a bridal shower. Here is a little gem I know you will love that was put together for that momentous occasion

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