Shabby Apple Giveaway and My Mormon Money

by - July 18, 2012

Happy day.
Yesterday was my mommy's birthday. And like the dutiful daughter, I called. Unlike the dutiful daughter, I have a card for her that was still sitting on my counter. I may have gotten my weeks mixed up. So stay tuned for that tribute post later on.

Until then...
I bet you want some Shabby Apple love huh? Well folks, its your
lucky day! Head on over here to enter to win.

I was checking out the sponsors she has got going on and came across this from here
here and here
If you didn't know, I am LDS. 
I was born into that faith and like everything in my short-lived life, I had to really know if that it what I believed.
Being a card-carrying LDS member is not easy. 
We pay 10% of all our income
We don't drink, smoke, have pre-marital sex
We serve in our church without pay. (Some positions require 20+extra hours a week or more)
We obey the 10 commandments
We believe that marriage is between a man and a woman
My list can go on and on

And from my limited stay here in Houston, TX, I have really loved being able to talk about the Bible and religious topics with the ladies at the park or the folk in the grocery store. It is nice to see families going to church together each Sunday. 

Needless to say, (but I am going to say it), I was more than upset about the claim of our church mis-using funds/averting taxes. So I was more than happy that it was cleared up. And I hope that you will feel comfortable asking any questions you may have as well. Or you can visit if you are more the web-stalker type. 

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