Awkward and awesome

by - August 07, 2012

Yes, I know it has been a while but you are going to LOVE these ones!

1. Sensor lights in bathrooms+me+changing into my clothes after swimming. Needless to say I was wet and the sensor started acting up. I had to jump around and wave my hands to get it to turn back on. Twice!
2. That event was AFTER I rushed to the potty and forgot to pull down my shorts. Luckily, I caught the mistake just in time.
3. Keo grabbing the top of my swimsuit and pulling it DOWN with the force of Thor. My apologies to all the families at the YMCA pool for a little show.
4. Asking if there are any underwater fishes. I know... I laughed too. It was inspired by this video
5. I may be guilty of watching 16 episodes of Pioneer Woman Cooks. But you can't make me admit anything.
6. The fact that I had a lot of tears that never seemed to stop coming unless I was standing on top of the fireplace mantle getting the TV off the wall
7. The girl judge in front of Usain Bolt totally checking him out the whole time. Yep, she was caught on world TV!!

you can see in the background some of the pictures and notes she had on her wall 

1. All the help we have had with getting our house ready to sell.
2. All the help with moving. Did it under an hour. Packed up a family of 4 into a 16' moving truck
3. Almost done sleep training the little guy! Wahoo!
4. My sister and her INCREDIBLE FAMILY HISTORY MOMENT! It will make you cry, don't say I didn't warn you
5.  My surprise dinner at Perry's for Graduation/going away. Congrats Anna-Lisa on graduating and I am going to miss you all! My cute Hubby was a sneaky little hobbit. In case you are wondering, I was trying to pose like my sis Ashlee.
6. The guac I ate on Monday. I'm talking heavenly here folks!
7. My new little Nephew! Welcome Tayte!

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