I didn't finish last in the triathamom

by - August 23, 2012

And that was my only goal. Well, and not flop over half way through. Now onto my awkward and awesome week.

1. Celebrating both my 30th birthday AND being married for 5 years
2. Baby boy is almost sleeping through the night (We have been ferber-izing him)
3. The MBASA group. Honestly, THAT is the biggest reason we came to BYU rather than a different MBA program. We have had a few fun activities disguised as meetings already
4. That our little home at Wymount has a park out front and lots of built-in-friends for the toddler
5. Had my Secret Agent date aired here. Gotta come up with 2 more to finish the year
6. Unenchanted. 
7. Buy-low grocery store. I'm talking BOXES of fruit and veggies for under $20 here folks.
8. Having everything organized (except the office)
9. Touring a diary farm in Delta. Thank you Cassidy for setting it up! Did you know cows produce an average of 80gallons a day?!!!
10. Stuffed eggplant, spaghetti squash, chicken enchiladas, and homemade baby food.

1. Pulling up to Buy-Low only to look at the car to my right and witness a make-out session taking place within
2. Not being able to completely scrub off my tri number from my calf before church. I ended up looking i had the #30 tattooed to my calf.
3. Thankfully the numbers on my bicepts (like i have much of them anyhow) transferred to the boat seat from our boating trip Saturday. Hopefully that came off ok.
4. The LG (little guy) totally spitting up (it may have been throw up) during sacrament meeting
5. Thinking I am hot stuff only to realize that I have a noticeable blemish on my forehead
6. Trying to get out of seven peaks. I stood there at the entrance gate since the exit was still closed. Pretty sure I waited for 10 minutes with all sorts of people staring and wondering what this mom with 2 kids was doing... just standing there. Weirdly.
7. Realizing half way through my run that my shorts had ridden up pretty good on one butt cheek. Sorry for the show!!

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