Such a good day

by - August 01, 2012

Aug 16th. That may not mean anything to you but for I will turn 30. 
My sister Tia threw me a little birthday brunch. 
We will be leaving my sweet southern home in 4 days so it was perfect. 
Actually, it rocked.
So did this cake

I was spoiled by these ladies

this sign was handmade just for me! 
 with presents like these.
Talk about a shocker! I was feeling on top of the world by just having a little lunch with these truly remarkable women and then they show up with gifts! 
My sister also got LOTS of pictures of me throughout the years and had them ALL OVER her place with little saying/trivia about yours truly. 

 and then a trip to the Korean Market for some goodies 

to keep me company in Utah or while watching the Pioneer Woman

At the Korean store they had Dragonfruit! 
Its like a kiwi and you can mix it with other fruits. 
Did I mention they also had Lychee? 

Thank you so much for a wonderful day! 
Now back to packing and keeping an eye on my crawling baby boy! 

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