What's Your Brand?!

by - September 03, 2012

So after much anticipation, I started classes this week for the MBA program. I started off with marketing and since it was BYU we also started off with a prayer. I love that we can do that at this program. My marketing professor, who is very energetic and enthusiastic, started off by telling us about himself or "establishing his brand" to us. He finished it off by listing 5 well-known brands that define who he is. He then gave us the assignment to come up with 5 brands on our own that define who we are and turn it in to him in any form we would like. I thought I would write a blog post on it and get everyone else's responses as well.

As I talked about it with my wife, I thought how much easier it would be to brand her. She definitely has more things that define her and who she is than I do. I just really have never built up or had any passions. I don't think she could narrow it down to 5. She would have 6: Blogger, Nikon, BYU-Hawaii, the Church, Harry Potter, and the YMCA. She might want to throw some other things in there like the but those are definitely the brands that best define what she is and what she enjoys.

Mine was a little more difficult: BYU and the LDS Church were the two that came easiest. Besides my family, I definitely define myself by those two brands more than anything else. The third needed to revolve around sports because sports has always been such a big passion for me. After toying around with the idea and considering The Utah Jazz (my favorite team after BYU), Nike (synonymous with sports), the NBA (my favorite league to watch), I settled on ESPN because it encompasses all the major (and some minor sports) and let's be honest, I spend way more time than I should on that website. I just don't own enough Nike apparel, I still like the Jazz, but am not as ardent of a fan as when I was little, and I do follow other leagues besides the NBA, so ESPN incorporated it all.

My last two had to be interests or hobbies. Ideas considered included Trip Advisor, Bing Travel or Priceline because we love to travel as a family; Ski Utah and REI for my love of outdoor sports; Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband, which is my favorite band that also reflects my personality - I like to go off the beaten path, love to have fun and I don't take myself too seriously; Tech brands like Google (specifically Android) and Amazon (specifically Woot)- one of the items on my bucket list is to get a "bag of crap"; and finally political brands like The Michael Medved Show (he's my favorite political talk show host) and RealClearPolitics (RCP) - my favorite political site which has a conglomeration of both sides of the aisle as well as election polls that I check daily.

After thinking it over this is what I came up with and the reasons why.

Anyway, enjoy and tell me what you think your brands are. (I had some cool animation in it, but apparently slideshare doesn't include the animations)

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