Mom... its called Fall

by - October 22, 2012

I have been trying to write down the funny things the kiddos do/say. This morning for instance, Jaedy lady decided that since I help her say her prayers, she was going to help me say mine:

J: "Dear Heavenly Father..."
Me: "Dear Heavenly Father..."
J: "You are gwatefull for the pwofet"
Me: " I am gratefull for our Prophet"
J: Bwess your husband and NDA Skwool"
Me: "Bless my husband at MBA school"
J: "Bwess you can give your daughter ice cweam and she can watch Avengers..."
Me: Bless I can ... wait.. whaaaa?! "
J: (giving me a stern look "you are not being wevwant" (reverent)

The other day I said "Look J! The leaves are falling!: She looked at me and said "I know Mom, its called Fall"

Right. Of course.

Oh help me Rhonda.

In between life we have been having fun. Here it is brought to you by Instagram

its official. I cannot make rolls

visits with good friends are the best!!

fall is here! 

who needs toys when you have plates?

cutest little cougar ever

diva in training... for the record, she dressed and posed all by herself


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