Finding my style with Family Pictures

by - November 05, 2012

I have taken a break for a little while. 
Its been nice. 
And now I am back. 
However, I am back with a big itch for an extra camera and a few new lenses. 
{ sigh }
Alas, in my return to photography, I took the kiddos over to the library and for just 15 minutes, managed to get some really beautiful shots. 
Well at least I think they are beautiful.
I am very much an amateur. 
I just really do love being able to capture these milestones in our lives
this picture was taken days later since just as i moved on to take the little mans photo, my battery died.
Honestly, how did I forget o check the battery and fail to charge any of the 4 i carry? Whatev.
Also, it took me almost 30 minutes this time for this one shot! Funny huh? Yeah, not really
So here's a thought for ya. 
What is your style? 
If you head over to my SIL blog, she has a very distinct vintage style

She also hosts a creative link up that you really should start help spread. 
But I digress. 
After her post on crate bookshelf and after gushing about it for hours to anyone who would listen, 
I wondered what my style was. 
It is not really vintage. 
Nor is is country or modern or...
how about my style is no style? 
No, that can't be right. So i took to the internet to dissect and review and research. 

Yes my dear friends. 
I found my style. 
{ sigh }
it feels so good to know I even have one....
until I realized that even under eclectic there are various styles. 
And that is when it hit me. 
We are poor students. 
So right now my style is eclectic-free-come-pick-it-up-yourself. 

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