Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

by - November 01, 2012

More like way to many pictures. Whatev.

1. Our Halloween Costumes

2. Everyone else Halloween costumes

3. Going to THREE Halloween events in one day AFTER being at Jaedyns dance recital that morning. Awesome because I am the best and most fun mom ever. (and mckay is a pretty cool dad too)
4. Kelsi. Enough said. (guess what she is)

5. Visits with my best friend. And by best friend, I mean we have been friends since nursery!

6.. J finished her first ever move & groove class. We loved her teachers and she did a great job on her recital. (tumbling, ballet and hip-hop). See her plies?
resize a gif

resize a gif

1. Trying to take a picture in front of the headless horseman... that horse was about to munch on my hair I am pretty sure. (keo is sleeping in his stroller just out of sight. We are at the Riverwoods for the first annual pumpkin parade and trick or treat. )

2. Taking a group picture of 3-5 year olds. Pretty sure herding cats in easier
3. Showing up with a box of hostess cupcakes to j preschool Halloween party. "Why yes, I would love to put these toxic cupcakes next to your homemade hummus and garden veggies....."
4. Trying to find rm 710. Calling the gal in charge and asking only to be told "well, its on the 7th floor... " Right. 7th floor, 7 hundred rooms... sheesh!
5. Scheduling quality alone time with the hubby. Comparing google calendars and realizing we don't have any available!!! For real?

Happy November!!

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