Thanksgiving 2012

by - November 26, 2012

***warning: picture overload.
I really love Thanksgiving. I love having a break from the day-to-day routine, spending all day with family, shootin' some hoops, playing games, Pinterest, eating orange rinds... I mean, who DOESN'T love that?! Thank you everyone for making it a special weekend

and nothing beats enjoying the earth God has blessed us with better than being outside! 

I am grateful for, well, everything. 
I have been especially thankful to have my hubby McKay fulfill a lifelong dream and get his MBA. 
Yes we are poor students
Yes it has been an adjustment from making money to making none
We don't eat out
We don;t buy anything extra
We are however, really really happy and really enjoying having a very simple life. 
I guess its true, money can't buy happiness.
(but please bless we get rich after all this is over, because a certain little girl loves Top Raman and chicken nuggets and this momma could use ice cream back in her life!)

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