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by - November 28, 2012

That's right folks. 
As in at the Riverwoods. 
As in the best little toy store this side of the Wasatch Range

We went for a Family Game Night (held every Monday night)
I wasn't sure what to expect but whatever it was, they went above and beyond.

We played Spot It
and who in the world does not like this game huh?
how hubby beat me THREE times in a game of chance I will never know. but I am addicted
Chef Cuckoo
J really enjoyed this game
and then topped the night off with a little treat. 
the BEST hard candy EVER! I loved the fizz as a kid
They really have everything under the sun and we have gone back several times.  
did I mention they have pretty much every candy ever invented?
On our last trip we discovered this game! Dixit!
you can check them out on the web here or visit the FB page here

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