Week in Pictures, some of them

by - November 11, 2012


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1. McKay and his group planning for the Venture Capital International Competition. They got first place! 
2. Fall is falling! The next day it snowed and it has been snowing ever since. 
3. Love this boy of mine & his big brown eyes
4. Had a MBASA Thanksgiving tasters night. Thats my pie
5.. MBASA Activity for " A Day In the Life". We got to "try-out" 2 MBA classes
6. GOTHE for MBASA and BYU students. Read more here. It is somethign that happens every 8 weeks or so. Now my daughter actually has clothes that fit! And we got some Christmas gifts to boot! 
7. Canned me some fresh pumpkin

not pictured:
Snow angels
Slobbery kisses
Baby boys top teeth making 4 total
BYU BBall (McKay, JD & the girls) 
BYU FB game (Kelsi)
MBA Group Friendship Dinner
Making Christmas Gifts
Fun at the MOA
Homemade Pretzels and Pretzels dogs (thanks kelsi)
Hotel Rwanda
My RIPPED class
Hosted a brunch: Arise and Shine MBASA activity
Matt's tooth falling out while eating a sandwich in Thailand
The daughter calling aunts and getting voice mail... pretty funny

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