Emily Jones, you got it right

by - January 19, 2013

I don't even know what to say. Lot of people love their photographers, I know. But you have got to hurry and book a session with this lady. Our photos were done in a rush. Not on her side, on mine. It was very spur of the moment (who says I am not spontaneous!?) I really wanted a good picture of McKay and I. They are generally nigh impossible to get. Anyhow, we hurried to get ready and grabbed the kids and headed out into the snow. Here are the results:

**as I sat with Emily looking through the gallery, I honestly almost cried. I couldn't believe it. She captured each of us perfectly.

I love this one be it captures the stage we are in perfectly! Teething!!

ZERO editing to McKay's eyes. This is was captivated me to begin with

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