Count your many blessings

by - March 23, 2013

Lemme just say, we have been so blessed. I am not going to deny it. My favorite hymn is Come, Come Ye Saints. However, Count Your Many Blessings is probably my second or third favorite. Each time I sing it, I think of my own parents and how they taught me to count my many blessing, to name them one by one. So, as the dutiful daughter I have grown into (Lord knows I was not that daughter in my teen years), here they are in no particular order:

My Faith
My Temple Marriage
MBA School
MBASA program
My hubby
My kids

blah blah blah... {pretty sure we all have similar things so lets get to the nitty gritty blessings}

J face when the breadstix came out

Family hugs

Being able to walk to church

A husband who is very smart. 
   And the VP of Communcations for the BYU MBA
       And a Marketing Sherpa (its like a mentor)
           And  member of Cougar Capital
              And awarded the Eccles Scholarship (headed to Asia)

 Lunch with Sister Galland and Tami Kate

Our little band of preschoolers

Saturdays at Sammy's with my dearest friend, Anne Durham
The Library and the events there and Becca's best friend who joined me
 Sledding w my hubby and enjoying the snow {and not having to haul the tube up the mountain}
30 days until we head to the Philippines to visit the Farley's
  {and get cheap massages, waxing, TOMS, and put on 20lbs}
snorkeling w black tip sharks
Well, there you have it. An account of our many blessing {cleverly disguised as what we have been up to lately}And I should add, very grateful for instagram. Sorry FB, I have been over you for years now

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