A & A : from SLC to MNL

by - April 29, 2013

We made it!
After of packing up the apt, cleaning the apt, loading the truck, packing fro Houston and Manila, we have arrived in the Philippines.


  1. Being with my sister and having my kids play with her kids!!
  2. The amazing food
  3. The wonderful help
  4. Swimming in the huge pool
  5. Seeing Iron Man 3!!!!
  6. Going to the Mall of Asia (4th largest mall in the world) 
  7. The fireworks
  8. Visiting the American-Philippine War memorial and teaching J about war and God and freedom
  9. Stopping in Hawaii to visit with my momma and lil bro
  10. My amazing kids that traveled so well (24 hour flight over 4 flights). From GUAM to MANILA it was 8 hours and they had a whole row to themselves to sleep on. 
  11. Facials, massages, Brazilian waxing, threading... 
  12. Bargaining at Greenhill Mall. Talked a guy down from 3500 pesos to 1200
  1. Awkward:
  2. Tipping the waxing girl a 20peso. Afterwards realizing i gave her .50
  3. Everywhere I look, people look like me. (Manila is the single most populated city in earth. Home to 20 million people)
  4. Everything is in a mall. The grocery store, the theater, the gym... 
  5. The nice-ness of everyone. Maybe not really awkward but it takes some getting used to. The people here seriously are SO NICE! 
  6. Little man keeps getting Tia mixed up with me
  7. Having to have conversations over Instagram with McKay
  8. Going into the "nursery" at one of the airports only to realize the overwhelming stench of poop is actually from a huge poop pile under the rocking chair
  9. Having a facial where they actually remove all my blackheads. (that hurt) and then showed me after what cam out of my face (going to go two more times)
  10. Being the typical tourist taking pictures of everything
  11. Bacon Flavored Ritz Crackers (kinda awesome actually)
Keo lovin the scooter and the attention

View from the condo at night

View from the ground of the condo

average occupancy on a Jeepney is 20 people

The American Philippines War Memorial. 

"Family Hug"

At the entrance to the condos

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