My MBASA experience

by - April 28, 2013

MBASA stands for MBA Spouse Association.
To me it means Support. Friendship. Education. Girls Nights. Laughing until I cry. Sharing. Loving.

When McKay and I decided to come back to school to he could get his MBA, I actually didn't really think that I would be that involved in MBASA. I knew it was an amazing program but I do pretty well making my own friends and being alone. Oh man, am I glad I was involved as I was. Actually, I was able to go to every night activity except 2 (stayed home to cuddle and make out instead), and I went to all the day-time activities that didn't fall on a Mon or Wed at 10a.

You may think "wow, thats overkill" but to me it was wonderful. I really did meet women that have become my most precious friends. I know it sounds total cliche, but MBASA is amazing.

I don't want to be a commercial for MBASA so I will move onto the MBA Program. I can't say I know a ton about it since I am not the student. But, I do feel like I have married a totally different person. We got married after McKay had finished his Undergrad. So I never did the married student thing. It actually pretty easy to be honest. People tolds me "Oh, well, you will never see your husband". That may be true. But if your husband had a job before school, its not much of a difference really. He is up early for meetings with his group or more recently, also the Executive Council. He studies and presents and finds time to play basketball and inner-tube water polo. We go to BYU games as a family and then he studies some more at night. I will admit that yes, he is gone more, but, it doesn't seem like it. (this is why MBASA is so great because you can stay active throughout the day and night).

As a spouse, I feel that this first year of MBA School has opened up this whole new world for our marriage. This has been a whole new side of McKay I haven't seen a lot of before. One friend of mine said "my spouse has blossomed!" I think for us, even with the time commitment  it has really brought us closer together and I have seen this new passion emerge from him. It is so true what people have said all along "If you follow what you love, if your work is your passion, then it is no longer work and you will have doors opened for you." It seems that is what has happened for us.

Alright, a post is not much of a post without some photos so... enjoy!

NAC luncheon with Virgina Pierce. 
MBASA had munch with these amazing women. 
Their spouses are in the Business World and they offer us advice and encouragement

Power of Moms Learning Circle
We would read an article each month and discuss it together

These are most of the first year spouses at the Closing Social. 
It was an overnighter at SpringHaven Lodge. 
Lots of fun, food, volleyball, murder-in-the-dark, late night girl talk

Our winning table #2!

Here is the BEST PART! 
If you are a BYU MBA Alumni, they are creating a database to stay/get connected. 
Alumni records have only been kept since 2009 so if you are an Alum, be sure to join the FB page
or if you know of BYU MBA ALUM, please pass it on. 

love ya from Manila! 

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