Girls Night Out: Its more fun in the Philippines

by - May 14, 2013

Many want to know... 
what are we doing in Manila?!!!

These are affectionately called "Bubble teas". You can find them in most Asian countries and they are making their way to other countries as well. So, that means if you see them, go a try one! I love these!!
See that girl with the red hair? That is Lory. AKA: PartyRoc Lory. AKA: One of the sweetest people on the planet as well. She planned a girls night out since both my sisters hubby and my own were out of country. We got together with all these other darling ladies and spent the night dancin our little hearts out. Yes, I am the only one NOT wearing heels bc if you have huge feet like mine, it is impossible to find shoes here. 

 We didn't want the fun to end so the next day we spent 4 hours at the Bench Salon. 
Tia is now a momma with purple hair and if you see me, you will notice it is blue. 
Needless to say, it surprised the hubby's but they loved it! 

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