Holy Home

by - May 08, 2013

Earlier this week I had the unique opportunity to volunteer here in Manila. A sister from the ward does some therapy for a place called Holy home. The cater to girls ages 5 years old to 17 years old who have been targets of abuse in all its forms.

 Its a large white plastered building found down a narrow, winding street. To look at the window as I made my way there I saw meat hanging outside covered in flies, peddlers selling everything from tv to oranges to cakes. Some of the men had shirts off and I could count how many ribs they had due to malnutrition.

We pulled up to the building and I had no idea what to expect. What I was met with was helping hands, beautiful smiles and a feeling that my service would be a great use. The home is primarily run by a dedicated group of nuns. However, by the time our time was up, I was the one who felt that I didn't give a single thing of importance to these girls. It was they who lifted my spirits and made me laugh.

some of the girls and their puppets

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