When I cant sleep, I blog

by - May 26, 2013

Well, thats not totally true. It really is not that late... not even 10:30p. But I did fall asleep at 8pm and then woke up so now... well, now I am here playing catch up on journals etc.

This is a picture I took of a Raptor bird we saw in Manila. You can see more pictures on my sisters site here.  Yes, you will have to go there because after bringing the jumpdrive halfway across the world, SLC airport made me totally empty my pockets. Normally not a big deal but I managed to forget to pick up that little bowl I had dumped everything in (jumpdrive, watch, gum...).

So here we are now. Back in Texas for the summer and everything is going swimmingly. Thank you to my aunt and my other sister for lending me furniture etc and my cousin and brother for helping us move in. My phone died in Asia and the replacement I got is defective. So, no phone for me for the past few weeks and I almost want to stay phone free. I would too except that I need the GPS to get, well, anywhere.
Being able to go to the Philippines was magical. It was a dream made true and we still feel so blessed to have been able to go. THANK YOU SO MUCH FARLEYS!! (yes, I just computer-shouted at you) This was one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever been to. Actually, it is the most beautiful. There were plenty of pools up above and a few more falls as well. Thats the hubbs jumping in with J. 
We took this "outrigger" around the island and Keo and McKay took a nice nap. See those hands in the far left? Matt, my BIL, was hanging on snorkeling. We all got a turn. It made me think of the beautiful things that God has made. I saw this HUGE purple starfish when I took a dip. I didn't know they even came in that color.. or that size. I also ended up in the middle of a jellyfish convention but the crazy thing is... they were so breathtaking that I was reluctant to get out of the water. And then I got zapped....

I have also been drooling over these study journals.  
I know, she has got some mad skills huh?

Well I have been doing a homemade study journal (filled up volumes on my mission, not so much since then. I know, its sad. Hence the public confession and repentance). It has been an enriching experience. The lats time I read the Book of Mormon I did it quickly. Took me 3 months. I learned a lot. This time I am going by character. I have been studying about Nephi. While I have learned so much about him, I got a little distracted by Laman and Lemuel. 

Why are they so rotten? What made the difference in attitudes? 

Most of us can probably guess but as I reflected upon my own life, I think I am more Laman than Nephi. I came across this article and it got me thinking a lot about my own reactions. I mean, have you seen what the middle-east desert is like? Did you know it took something like 8 years for Lehi's family? I have had cause to wonder over the extent of my long 30 year life.... "What is God purpose for me?"and What am I supposed to learn from this? or I will say to myself....Again? I just had this trial??! It is this wilderness we live in that allows us to be shaped and smoothed out for His Kingdom. So I raise my cup to Nephi and hope that I while I may never be like him, I can be like Sam... someone who does good and follows what is right. 

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