I've been taking a much needed vacation from everything and I am loving every minute

by - June 06, 2013

During the past 9 months while the hubbs has been in school, we both were very involved in the MBA program. Pair that with the normal things of life and a baby boy who was in and out of the doctor's... well, you can imagine how that was. It wasn't bad, im not saying that. I would not have traded any of it away. When we got ready to leave and go to our internship there was no breathing room. Hubby finished finals, we packed up, cleaned up and flew out the very next day that same day. We were gone for three weeks on an amazing-once-in-a-lifetime-vacation and then we came back to the states. For 24 hours. During that time pur a/c broke so the car was in the shop. As soon as we got the call it was ready, off hubby went to drive to TX and off I went with the kids to fly there.


So these past three weeks we have been here have been just marvelous. We have been up to... NOTHING!  That has been one of the benefits of moving somewhere you have lived before I think. SO we have been just catching up on reading, sleeping, eating, and swimming. We have been to a few farewells for soon-to-be-missionaries, BBQ's with family and old friends, and of course, on the hunt for the best vanilla cupcake.

So I apologize for the lack of posts. Or anything exciting. But I am not really sorry at all. We are going to soak up the next 9 weeks being as lazy and low key as possible. I call it "recharging our batteries for the final 9 months of school."

our mornign consist of tackling each other and watching dog shows, topless, at least for the baby

you guessed it! Love at Los Cucos

best friends forever

at ooh la la cupcakes
we eat popsicles every single day

little man is quite the body slammer... i mean, hugger

little miss got a few hole-in-ones!
ill be posting more... maybe..... but it will most likely be about our trips to Asia

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