Watermelons, Dog Show, and Swimming... just an ordinary summer

by - July 28, 2013

I mentioned a few months ago that this summer we are enjoying time as a family. 
We hang out, read, act out plays, have dance parties, and play board games. 
But we have been doing a lot of swimming and eating watermelon on the porch. 
So, for the sake of the grandparents. here is what we have been up to

We. Love. Swimming. 
We go many times a week and it is something that we all enjoy. 
J loves to go underwater, dive and play mermaid... of course
K loves to float around in his Puddle Jumper, eat the snacks we bring, and get thrown up high

We spent part of a Summer Rainy Day inside enjoying the dogs. 
Well, I spent it watching Keo enjoying dogs and saying "yes" to everyone asking to take pictures of a overly excited baby boys reaction to the dogs. I think he thought it was heaven on earth. I'm serious. 

When the watermelons are ripe, we eat our weight in the red, sweet, fruit. 
I usually just cut up the lovely watermelon and put it on a bowl on the table in the morning. 
The kids munch on it all day. Or in this case, they each had 4 or 5 slices in a 30minute period! 

So, not much excitement going on over here and that is really just fine with me. 
I am really savoring the family time... especially the awkward dance pose pictures!

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