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by - July 23, 2013

****this is my 501 post on this blog... wow. Considering it not that old....****

We are the Hansen Family; McKay, Makana, Jaedyn and Keo. Currently we are in Houston, TX (actually the energy corridor in Katy) McKay is an intern for ExxonMobil. We love Energy and I have learned so about oil and chemicals.

McKay has his undergrad in Chemical Engineering. To work at Exxon, you need to be an engineer. When we decided 16 months ago that we would be coming to BYU MBA program, it was in hopes of being able to live overseas at some point. So, he was advised to start networking right away. We had been living in Houston for the past 4 years anyhow so it was really quite easy to set up lunch meetings with those fellow BYU Alum who were already in the industry. Fast forward to August, we rented out our home, packed up, and made our way to Provo. McKay got involved right away in the MBA program and clubs and planned a Energy trip back to Houston. He was able to meet more people and take tours of the various companies.

As I mentioned, we want to live overseas so we looked for companies with an international presence. This coupled with the tour and networking helped set him apart from the rest and after a fly back from one company and an offer from other, Exxon called and we had a summer internship before the first semester was out.

Come April, we packed up and moved out of our apartment. We put everything in storage and headed to.. Asia! I spent three weeks in Manila and McKay was on the MBA Asia Trip for 2 weeks. He met up with me in Manila (read more here) for the last week and we flew back to Utah. We had a day in Utah to pack up the car before I flew to Houston with the kids and McKay drove the 24 hours to the most eastern part of Texas.
on the island of Siquijor off the Cebu
Part of the Asia MBA 2013 trip

Once we got to Houston, we moved in (thank you to Jen Hicks for finding the place) and was blessed enough to have our furniture donated to us. We have enjoyed the things a city of 6 million people have to offer. We have enjoyed the Museums, splash pad, cupcake shops, swimming, symphony, food trucks, bahama bucks, farmers market.. and the more simple things like summer rainstorms, making popsicles, eating watermelon on the porch, girls night out, movie nights, and hanging out at the beach

McKay is on a GMO team (Global MarketingOrganization) and has two projects this summer. One is Marketing and the other is supply chain. He eats out every day with co-workers (thanks to "nail the internship for that tip) and has been able to tour the new Exxon Facility (similar to Google from what I hear), assist with Bring your child to work day, and feed and release the owls at the nature reserve Exxon volunteers at. Our time at Exxon has been such a wonderful experience for so far.

Life for us has left us feeling blessed in so many ways. But to keep things real, we have PLENTY of "awkward" moments!
-chasing after a runaway dog... in only my swimsuit... for 30 minutes
- having company stop over when my apartment looks more like a war zone. Myself included
-my kids dumping everything they can over the side of our third floor balcony to the grass below.
-finding poop in the pool only to have my daughter tell me it is hers
-my son practicing his best tantrums in the museums and libraries (just keepin' it real folks)
-having forgot my charger to my Nikon and then my cell phone quitting after 3 years=no photos
-my 16 month son using my brand new phone to make bigger splashes... in the toilet

Feel free to check us out at our family blog mkhansens.blogspot.com or follow me on intagram: mmjkhansen

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