Its been awkward and awesome

by - September 10, 2013

I know. Its been a while. Hiya folks.

I'll start with the awesome though:
1. We are back for our final year of MBA school
2. Went camping with the kiddos and it was really awesome
3. Enjoying biking in the canyon as family
4. J new-found love of photography
5. Homemade raspberry jam from raspberries picked by the kids
6. Our new responsibilities in church, we both teach, not together though, That part is sad. But, we both really love teaching
7. The little man is officially in nursery (he has been going for months already, but now its legit)
8. Sleepover with cousins
9. Back down to 120lbs!!! It only took me 18 months....
10. Got tickets to RS Broadcast! Thanks Cassidy

1. 45 days until my first half marathon and I have not done a single thing to train.
2. Pretty sure neighbors can hear me gossiping because I can hear them. They don't gossip though. They are nice and civil and way more Christian
3. Hosting a giveaway and not having anyone enter. Actually, that just makes me feel like crap
4. Standing in the concessions booth for 30 minutes while a freak storm flooded Utah. I smelt like nachos, but at least I was dry
5. Cutting in front of (and almost crashing) into a fellow biker because pulling an extra 70+lbs of cute kid weight behind me in the bike trailer is actually quite hard to do and my balance stinks
6. Purposefully going bra-less all day. I didn't leave my house so it was okay, right?
7. Consistently not having my wallet on me for lunch with friends. Its getting down right embarrassing and I PROMISE its not on purpose
8. The many MANY typos I seem to always have when emailing or texting. Seriously. I blame it on public education. And my grade school teacher who said I was dumb.
9. Yep, that was me who farted in the dressing room. Sorry. I was sure to blame it loudly on the kid though
10. Too bad the kid is almost 5 and insisted it wasn't her who farted, it was me. Thanks. No allowance for you now, daughter dear

now here are some random photos that J took this summer.

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