Dear Gardner Village, We love you.

by - October 23, 2013

I am OCD. I am not afraid to admit it. I tend to get laser-focused on certain things and it consumes me. Well, only for a few days then I am over it, but still, its a bad habit. When I moved to Utah and knew I would be here for 2 years, we (me) decided to make a list and make sure to do everything on said list. One of them was Gardner Village. Years ago I was able to go to see the Elves at Christmas time. Then I heard about the amazing witched during Halloween.

And that is when my OCD kicked in.

I am happy to report that we went, we scavengerd (is that even a word??), and we earned our chocolate chip cookie that day.

Now, if I could just track down a McDonalds that sells the trick or treat coupon books, I could FINALLY get some sleep!

Just one of MANY MANY witched all around the darling stores
Our cousin Brianna. Oh, where is J you may wonder??? In FULL ON POUT MODE!!!
I may have laser beam focus for witches, but this little guy has it for animals. Like, for real. 

Some people collect miniature cat statues, I collect pumpkins and these are on my next to do list.
Well, after I find tree stumps that is
My favorite season has always been the summer time. But spending a day with these folks at the BYU game, pumpkin patches, driving through the mountains looking at the colors... well it makes me fall in love with fall.

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