by - October 04, 2013

Today a family in my apt moved out. On the first of the month, I stopped by with a bag a treats. I ONLY did that because I have been feeling for over a week that maybe the mother was lonely... maybe she needed a friend, maybe she needed some homemade bread. I don't know. But I do know that she looked like she had been crying when I knocked on her door at 9:30pm at night to give her my bag of treats.

I mention this incident for a few reasons. Mostly because I feel like I could have made a difference for her. But I didn't. I didn't make a difference in her life at all. I also wonder if I had been paying closer attention to the spirit, if I would have acted sooner. Did I miss it because I was canning applesauce too much and was focused on that? How about listening to my favorite young wizarding student at Hogwarts on cd? I wonder if it would have been different had I been listening to spiritual music? You see, I had lost the remote to our smart TV. And if any of you have a smart TV, you know that it is pretty useless without the remote. So, no Pandora MoTab station for me. So, thats been where I have been at. Wallowing in "What if's". Bleh.

Good thing GraceHill Media sent me this CD. Its the soundtrack for Grace Unplugged and I love it. Its uplifting and I could listen to it all day. Oh wait, I have. Over and over again. So leave a comment and the winner will be chosen via What do you to stay inspired?

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