5 tips for organization: From a real mom

by - January 17, 2014

A few months ago I was tagged in a FB post with the comment that i have lots of tips for toy organization etc. That is entirely untrue btw. But, we have lived in a lot of places in the 6.5yrs I have been married. Thanks to Pinterest, blogs and mostly real life, I have got a system down that I really love and that works for us.

That being said, we live in a 3 bed apartment (pretty tiny) and have two kids that share a bedroom. (I LOVE that they share. They learn to sleep better, they play with each other in the mornings in the room, and at night my daughter can be heard singing songs to her little brother)

Okay, so it really is not anything new. And please share what works for you

1. Clear, plastic dressers that I tape a picture of what clothing item belongs in there. We will have to upgrade since the dresser is beginning to crack so this is what I am going to  do next

found here
2. LABEL LABEL LABEL. I have a label maker and I label everything. It helps me to keep my sanity. I can not tell you how many times I have thrown things away because my hands were full and my mind was somewhere else. Examples of labels include "snacks" on the snack drawer (which is low and easy access to little fingers), "make-up", "nail polish", "puzzles" etc. So even when I forget where I put something, I can usually find it by the labels. This is a LIFE SAVER as well for babysitters and even my husband when they try to find things.

3.Google Calendar. Enter the genius of the smart phones. Tutorial here. With various schedules and a lot of birthdays etc, this little guy helps keep both my husband and I right one track. I even "invite" him to lunch or date night and am ensured that we will both be there that way

4. Re-file yearly. I do this after we get our taxes done. Along the same lines, re-file your legal binder yearly as well. (This is what you would grab if you had to leave FAST).

5. Clear bins for toys and PVC pipe. Sorry for the blurry photo. And I can't find the link. BUT, i actually did this in one of our homes. I LOVED IT!! It held my curling iron, hair straightener, blow dryer, and round brush. I was so surprised at how much room I had AND how good it felt to have a designated place for these items. But there are LOTS of ideas using PVC pipe and clear, plastic shoes boxes

**bonus: My storage pinterest board

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