Awkward and awesome

by - January 11, 2014

Realizing that the blinds were up when I was changing.... the window faces the parking lot and I am on the first floor...

Having no clue who Rhett Butler was

In my attempt to make my kids play outside and "have fun", I ignore the screaming and pleas to go back inside. Wouldn't be awkward except me saying "NO! We are going to HAVE FUN!!!" We went inside 5 minutes later

Jaedyn: "I wish my I could throw a snowball to my mom's heart. Then she would be Frozen forever."
Neighbor: "Really, why?"
Jaedyn: "My mom is mean to me. Well sometimes. Like, she makes me clean my room.... "

Posting to FB about the SEC Championship game and its "winner" with 5 minutes left. Such a bad idea. A lot happened in those 5 minutes.


A Thai lunch with my Sister in Laws

My neighbors who ask to watch my kids

Ice Castles and a stop at Dairy Keen

Got our check from insurance so we can fix our side panel now!! Whoop whoop

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