Facebook friday: 5 things I do each day

by - January 03, 2014

There is no better time that January to make those goals and vows to change your life. Every year I do that. Some years my goals were really big. Others just lasted until March. This year however, I decided to take 5 things I generally do anyhow and make them a priority. It is easier for my head to grasp that.

I actually think that these are simple things YOU can do too.

1. Make my bed. Honestly, nothing makes me happier
2. Exercise. These days its Yoga
3. Get ready for my day (including hair and makeup)
4. Read to my children both the scriptures and some fun books
5. Respond to all my emails. I don't get that many so its easy to just respond with a "Thanks" or "Let me think about this"

**6 BONUS: Find time to laugh with my kids and my husband. Every. Single. Day. 

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