1 trimester down, 2 to go

by - February 23, 2014

Well, here are some much asked for belly shots. 

All in all I am doing pretty well, mostly because McKay has been really diligent in making me rest. 

With both previous full-term pregnancies, I had bad back pain. However, compared to how this one has been, the past two were walks in the park. I am basically done for around 3 or 4p each night. Meaning, I lay on the couch and I don't generally move until 7p. Anyone else have this?!

In the mornings I feel pretty good so I generally attend my yoga class. It has helped with the pain. It hard for me to remember that even if I feel like I can do it all, I really shouldn't because I will pay for it big time. However, if I have to rest every day from here on out,  I know that it will be all worth it when I have two darling babies in my arms

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