My only real baby wish item

by - February 19, 2014

If you haven't heard, our little family will be doubling this summer. Yep. we will be going from two kiddos to 4. From a man-on-man defense to a full-blown zone defense. 

Since I already have a girl and a boy, there is not much I actually need... and not that I even really want. HOWEVER, I will have 4 under 6. Some people can handle this without a hitch. Unfortunately, I am not that some person. 

Luckily, i have been on the receiving end of people wanting to get rid of baby items. If only I could find someone who wants to get rid of this bad boy: 
Valco twin tri mode w joey seat $699 + $100
 I hear you go through LOTS of diapers, formula and onesies with twins. I guess I will find out. Good thing we start a real job soon!

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